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2010 Pricing

Rod hole leaks $19 per hole includes painting over hole. Service call is $75.
Crack repair $329 per crack includes port removal and paint. Service call $75.

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Our Services
Rod hole and crack repair using hydrophobic polyurethane pressure injection.
All of our work is completed indoors with no exterior excavation.
We have set prices. No quote needed. Most cracks repaired within 90 minutes.
Most rod holes repaired in 15-20 minutes per rod hole. Please note. We do only concrete walls. Customer must remove and/or replace any wall coverings to include drywall or paneling.


What to expect
You can count on our technicians to provide you with a prompt reliable repair that will be completed correctly the first time. Call backs from customers using our process is less than 1%. You can trust that your repair will be completed correctly the first time. Our uniformed technician will arrive on time at your door and will answer any questions you may have. Our technicians are dedicated to provide you with reliable service and exceptional customer service.


Repair process
Basement Cracks

  1. Assess and digitally measure rod holes or cracks.
  2. Portion off small area of work area with plastic and/or tarp to assure remainder of basement does not get dirty.
  3. Clean entire crack area.
  4. Hammer drill 45 degree holes to center of crack approximately every 8 inches parallel to crack.
  5. Insert precision grade expandable rubber, metal brake off zerk ports.
  6. Starting at the lowest zerk fitting, we inject constant monitored hydrophobic polyurethane using constant pressure supplied by 3400 injection pump, which runs on 110 electric.
  7. As the hydrophobic polyurethane fills all voids, we graduate to the next zerk fitting and perform the same function. This process is repeated until all voids are sealed.
  8. We cut off all zerk fittings so no unsightly tubes or ports stick out of your wall.
  9. All excess hydrophobic polyurethane is removed.
  10. The entire crack area is painted to blend into the remainder of the wall.

Approximate time involved is1 to 2 hours per 8 foot crack.


Rod hole repair

  1. Clean surface.
  2. Clean rod void.
  3. Inject hole with closed cell polyurethane, which fills the hole from the interior of the wall through to the exterior soil.
  4. Any excess closed cell polyurethane is removed.
  5. Hole is now filled and capped.
  6. Surface around hole is painted.


How we differ from other Basement Repair businesses
We have no salespeople.
 - Everyone pays the same according to how many cracks or rod holes we fill.
 - We use the latest equipment.
 - We use hydrophobic polyurethane specially formulated for soil conditions found in Michigan.
 - We clean our mess.
 - Crack and rod holes are painted.
 - No unsightly tubes remain sticking out of your walls.


Time line

  • Day 1. Customer calls our office to schedule repair. Repair is scheduled immediately.
  • Within 3 days of initial call, work is completed.
Why repair cracks and rod hole leaks

1. To prevent water infiltration.
2. To prevent Radon Gas from entering.
3. To prevent rodents from entering.
4. To prevent moisture build up
5. To prevent crack or hole from enlarging.
6. To prevent possible flooding.

Tie Rod Hole Repair Before

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Crack Before

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